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Welcome inside


Here are results, statistics, next week’s battles and fierce gossip….

Drama on Drama……..

Again a day with a lot of our rewarded helpers; You did it again in an exemplary manner:-)

The editors were absent due to other tasks; Not only mentally but also physically.

Therefore, the honorable readers must settle for a little local gossip – but is there anything better??

Dramatic events happened in the Arena this Wednesday;

Wrobby – who has been told once or twice that he can have certain location problems – simply overruns his partner Thomas !!.

This results in complaint screams, interrupted battles and ordinary uproar…

AGAIN , we must ask the Crown prince from the cliff-island to give just a little space to his mate.

The alternative is that we rent another course-and this is where Wrobsen’s partner will stay throughout the game.

Fortunately, our friend Thomas is made of reinforced concrete-so we got rid of more injuries.

Well fought, THOMAS!! 🙂

    Position is updated and PROGRAM FOR The coming week is ready.. Are you????


    “Oh, look how he stands when he server…”

    “Stand still, Nilo… I got it… “

    “What happened – she has Smashet??..”

    “Søholt.: Well, I do not bother to get it…”

    “Get it yourself…….”



    A big congratulations to Tony “Hitman” Johansen as first member of the Hall of Fame


    Christmas party

    This year’s Christmas party once more took place at the mansion of our honorary member of the Hall of Fame: Tony “Hitman” Johansen.

    Thank you very much for yet another great nice Christmas party 🙂




    Remember now that if you can’t play, it’s your – and only your – responsibility to provide another player.

    There are several on the list that can be found here on the pages, so there is no excuse for your dawdling and padded position.. Remember, we are 11 who are waiting just for you!!.

    Once again, a huge thank you to Fladberg….

    We thank you very much for a sublime arrangement with very high class golf, great company and unusual delicious food etc.

    Fladberg did it again….

    Below is one of the top players – here you can see how golf should be played……

    SUB ́s

    Remember to make sure you have a SUB called out if you are prevented from playing. It is OK that we are downgraded, that you choose other newer and probably also younger friends, that we are discarded as an old boot-but it is not OK that we are missing a man w/K when game is starting


    Such a behavior will be struck hard and relentlessly down-immediately!!

    Make sure the SUB is there – or meet…. Cool